What time is it?
Current, local time.


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Time zone


Universal Time Coordinated

Daylight Saving Time

The time difference to the largest town in the world

Shanghai, China
+13 h
Buenos Aires, Argentina
+2 h
Mumbai, India
+10.5 h
Mexico City, Mexico
-1 h
Beijing, China
+13 h
Karachi, Pakistan
+10 h
İstanbul, Turkey
+7 h
Tianjin, China
+13 h
Guangzhou, China
+13 h
Delhi, India
+10.5 h

Countries in time zone

The main towns in this time zone

New York City, New York
Brooklyn, New York
Borough of Queens, New York
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Manhattan, New York
The Bronx, New York
Jacksonville, Florida
Columbus, Ohio
Charlotte, North Carolina
Baltimore, Maryland
Boston, Massachusetts
Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C.
South Boston, Massachusetts
Staten Island, New York
Atlanta, Georgia
Raleigh, North Carolina
Miami, Florida
Cleveland, Ohio
West Raleigh, North Carolina
Tampa, Florida