Sudan (SD)

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Sudan (SD)

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Where is Sudan - Information about country


The name of the continent: Africa

The number of residents: 35000000 people

Capital: Khartoum

Area: 1861484 km2

Currency: Pound (SDG)

Top-level domain: .sd

Code: +249 / 00249
Map Sudan

Sudan - List of provinces / regions

Northern State
Red Sea
Al Jazīrah
Al Qaḑārif
White Nile
Blue Nile
Western Darfur
West Kordofan State
Southern Darfur
Southern Kordofan
River Nile
Northern Darfur
North Kordofan
Eastern Darfur
Central Darfur

Sudan - Neighboring countries

The main towns in the country

Khartoum, Khartoum
Omdurman, Khartoum
Port Sudan, Red Sea
Kassala, Kassala
El Obeid, North Kordofan
Al Qadarif, Al Qaḑārif
Kosti, White Nile
Wad Medani, Al Jazīrah
El Daein, Eastern Darfur
El Fasher, Northern Darfur
Singa, Sinnār
Ad-Damazin, Blue Nile
Geneina, Western Darfur
Rabak, White Nile
Sinnar, Sinnār
Al Manāqil, Al Jazīrah
An Nuhūd, West Kordofan State
Atbara, River Nile
Ed Damer, River Nile
Kadugli, Southern Kordofan

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