Palestinian Territory (PS)

What time is it? - Current, local time.

UTC+2 Asia/Gaza
UTC+2 Asia/Hebron

Where is Palestinian Territory - Information about country


The name of the continent: Asia

The number of residents: 3800000 people

Capital: East Jerusalem

Area: 5970 km2

Currency: Shekel (ILS)

Top-level domain: .ps

Code: +970 / 00970
Map Palestinian Territory

Palestinian Territory - List of provinces / regions

Gaza Strip
West Bank

Palestinian Territory - Neighboring countries

The main towns in the country

East Jerusalem, West Bank
Gaza, Gaza Strip
Khān Yūnis, Gaza Strip
Jabālyā, Gaza Strip
Hebron, West Bank
Nablus, West Bank
Rafaḩ, Gaza Strip
Dayr al Balaḩ, Gaza Strip
Bayt Lāhyā, Gaza Strip
Ţūlkarm, West Bank
Qalqīlyah, West Bank
Yuta, West Bank
Al Bīrah, West Bank
Bayt Ḩānūn, Gaza Strip
An Nuşayrāt, Gaza Strip
Old City, West Bank
Al Burayj, Gaza Strip
Janīn, West Bank
Banī Suhaylā, Gaza Strip
Bethlehem, West Bank