São Luís, Maranhão (BR)

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São Luís, Maranhão (BR)

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The length of the day
12h 10min

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The time difference to the largest town in the world

Shanghai, China
+11 h
Buenos Aires, Argentina
+0 h
Mumbai, India
+8.5 h
Mexico City, Mexico
-3 h
Beijing, China
+11 h
Karachi, Pakistan
+8 h
İstanbul, Turkey
+5 h
Tianjin, China
+11 h
Guangzhou, China
+11 h
Delhi, India
+8.5 h

Where is São Luís - Information about the city

Alternative names of places in other languages:
Maranhao, Maranhão, SLZ, San Luisas, San-Luis, Sao Louis, Sao Luis, Sao Luis do Maranhao, Sao Luiz, Sao Luiz de Maranhao, Sao Luiz do Maranhao, Saun Luis, Saun Luís, São Luis, São Luiz, São Luiz de Maranhão, São Luiz do Maranhão, São Luís, São Luís do Maranhão, cavo luyicu, sa'o lu'isa, san-luisi, sanglu-iseu, saw lwyys, saw lwyz, sayw lwyys maranhaw, sheng lu yi si, Σάο Λουίς, Сан-Луис, Сан-Луіс, Сан-Луїс, Сао Луис, סאו לואיס, ساؤ لوئیس, ساؤ لوئیس، مارانہاؤ, سائو لوئیس، مارانهاو, ساو لويز, साओ लुईस, সাও লুইস, சாவோ லூயிசு, სან-ლუისი, サン・ルイス, 圣路易斯, 상루이스

Name of the time zone: America/Fortaleza

The number of residents: 917237 people
Map São Luís

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