Isfahan, Isfahan (IR)

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Isfahan, Isfahan (IR)

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The length of the day
10h 17min

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The time difference to the largest town in the world

Shanghai, China
+4.5 h
Buenos Aires, Argentina
-6.5 h
Mumbai, India
+2 h
Mexico City, Mexico
-9.5 h
Beijing, China
+4.5 h
Karachi, Pakistan
+1.5 h
İstanbul, Turkey
-1.5 h
Tianjin, China
+4.5 h
Guangzhou, China
+4.5 h
Delhi, India
+2 h

Where is Isfahan - Information about the city

Alternative names of places in other languages:
Aspadana, Dakbayan sa Esfahan, Dakbayan sa Esfahān, Esfahan, Esfahano, Esfahān, Esfehan, Eşfahān, Eşfehān, Gorad Isfakhan, IFN, Isfachan, Isfahan, Isfahana, Isfahanas, Isfahanum, Isfahon, Isfahán, Isfahāna, Isfakhan, Isfehan, Ispahan, Iszfahan, Iszfahán, Kota Isfahan, Spahan, Yspyhan, asfhan, aysfahan, esaphahana, esufahan, icupakan, isafahana, iseupahan, isfahana, isphahana, xis fa han, yi si fa han, Îsfehan, İsfahan, İsfehan, Ισφαχάν, Ісфахан, Горад Ісфахан, Исфахан, Исфаҳон, Исфаһан, Սպահան, אספהאן, أصفهان, ئسفأھان, ئەسفەھان, اصفهان, اصفہان, ایصفاهان, इस्फहान, इस्फ़हान, এসফাহন, ਇਸਫ਼ਹਾਨ, இசுபகான், อิสฟาฮาน, ისპაანი, エスファハーン, 伊斯法罕, 이스파한

Name of the time zone: Asia/Tehran

The number of residents: 1547164 people
Map Isfahan

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